Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty Blogger Question

Hello Ladies!

So I haven't really done this before but I really need some help. I'm looking for a new shampoo since my old one Pantene Flat to Volume became discontinued or renamed because I cannot find it anywhere. So I'm asking all of you ladies what are your favorite hair shampoos!

I do not use conditioner normally because I don't need it and my hair becomes extremely oily even by putting a little at the ends of my hair (weird I know).

My hair tends to be a little oily after one day, so I generally have to wash it everyday or every other day otherwise I get good shine. Only problem I notice sometimes is that my hair can get extremely flat and I love to get some volume.

I know we all have different hair types and it will probably be hard to determine which one would work for me but names and or ideas work perfectly so I can do my research :)

So far I have been looking into Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize but I have seen so so reviews.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good News :)

So I didn't mention this on my last post but I have decided to change my life up a little. 
About 4 weeks ago I stepped on a scale for the first time since the summer and after all the eating I've done and how crappy I have been feeling I looked down to see 250 lbs staring back at me. At first I was in shock and had to re-weight myself to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough I wasn't. After looking back at how much I was eating and actually what I was eating (fast food, snacks, going out) was not the best choices for my body. Now I've tried diet's and fads to losing weight and either I quit before it made a difference or caved in and ate that one piece of pizza and it all went downhill. So I sat down and got to researching and after a couple hours I realize that I don't want to just lose weight I want to eat healthier for the rest of my life. So I have made a few changes:

- No fast food
- No Diet Coke (which is my horrible addiction) 
- I can eat the foods that I normally do such as when I eat out, but cautious about what is in it and how much I eat (Proportions!) 
-Work out is a Must!
-Drink only water
-Calorie count (although sometimes its hard with time, but in fact helps a lot) 
- Eat 6 small meals a day to get my metabolism going

So far I have been doing all the above and I'm happy to say I am now 4 lbs down and I have so much energy than I did before :) 

I'm ready to change my life forever and I'm bringing you guys on my journey! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

September Favorites!

Hello Ladies,

So I'm a little late with the September favorites but better late than never right?

I don't know how it is for you guys, but it is getting extremely cold a little bit too early. I really can't complain because we had a wonderful winter, spring, and definitely hot summer. Yet, I'm extremely scared that this means it will be a harsh winter.
But for now I'm enjoying the cool weather, my heated blanket, and pumpkin flavored goodies!

First on my Favorites list are the Nail polishes;
I absolutely love the colors in Butter London Trout Pout and Sephora by OPI Looks Like Rain, Dear. These two colors definitely gave me the ability to wear colors that transition perfectly with Summer and the beginning of fall. Trout Pout is a Salmon pink color while Looks like Rain, Dear is a sparkly gold, it goes on pretty easily compared to other glitter nail polishes I have tried in the past.

Next is my new Samsung Galaxy s3. Now I was never a fan of getting the Iphone so when it came to looking into a new hone I had no idea where to look. Then came talk about the galaxy s3 and after doing a lot of research on battery life and the phone itself I was hooked. I got it in white and ordered a purple soft case. I absolutely love this phone!! Couldn't be more happier.
Then for my most favorite of September was my new Return to Tiffany™
Heart tag charm and chain ....the best gift I have ever received. I've been wearing it almost every day :)

Lastly, for fall I took a trip to Bath and Body Works and picked up this cute Squirrel Scentportable and they had a buy 4 get 2 free scents. I picked up Apple Crumble, Spiced Cider, Lavender & Vanilla, Cranberry Woods, and Vanilla Coconut. Yummmy
It's definitely Fall :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Long time, I'm back!

Hello lovelies :) 

IT'S BEEN A WHILE! I had so many plans and ideas for posts but unfortunately those were pushed to the back burner while I tried to get my life all scheduled out. So update on the life: 
1) I started my internship at the district court in the city I live in (Absolutely love!) and I have a possible future working there.
2) I'm currently taking 3 classes at the University and 1 class at the community college. 
3) Working at my new job (Have I mentioned this before? I quit V.S around July and got another job at a International Supermarket as a cashier. Not the best job but I love it and they already have me training people and the only other girls who train have been there for 5 years *pats myself on the back* )
So I'm pretty much doing all the above Monday through Sunday. It's been a little hectic but I have myself in a little routine so now I'm able to breathe once in a while! 

Now enough about me, more about the blog. I will be posting more, which I will be posting my favorites of the week or month, nail of the weeks (because I change them a lot) and actually some neat recipes and holiday fun!

 If you have any ideas also, comment below and let me know what you want to see!

 Hopefully I can get more followers soon too! I'm so happy to be back on here and I hope you are too! 

xoxo Danielle

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox

Hello Ladies :) 
Still busy with work and school so I've been a little behind with the posts, I apologize! But, a couple weeks ago I received my first ever Summer Beauty VoxBox from Influenster! 

What I received:
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF30
Tampax and Always Radiant Collection
Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
Sally Hansen Nails and Cuticles Hand Creme

After waking up late I ended up picking out the Soft Baked Bar and ate it on my way to class and I must say not only did it really taste like Banana Nut Bread (and DELICIOUS) but it also kept me full through my class until I was able to get a full meal. I'm planning on using the cuticle creme and magnetic nail polish within my next nails of the week! 

Influenster is a program which allows people to receive, test and review products. To receive a VoxBox or items like these, you can go Here

Disclaimer: I received each product in the Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My First MAC Palette

Hello ladies Enjoying your summer? We have been having a lot of heat which I know has been going across the east and southeast recently. We had about 4 days in 100 + degrees which never happens in Michigan. 

 Now I know my birthday was two months ago and unfortunately I wasn't able to do a post about what I got or rather bought myself :) but I ended up purchasing my first ever MAC Pro Palette for 15 eye shadows. I wanted my first eye shadow to put in there to be special so after I was completely empty of the original eye shadow I picked up a pan size of Patina which is a gorgeous gold brown that has a little bit of pink, green, and gold. This is a frost eye shadow but has a subtle tone of shimmer. I use this in my everyday routine so it definitely has a small place in my heart.

What are your MAC favorites or what neutrals do you regularly go to?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Camera Question! Help!

Hey ladies, 

So right now I'm trying to do a little saving as I pay off this tuition for one of my online classes and I hope by the end of the summer I will have enough to purchase a few things. 

1) A new camera! I've been carrying around my camera for forever and although my Canon Elph has done it's job I've been really wanting to get one for more professional pictures and videos. Unfortunately I'm not tech savvy with camera's so I figured I would bring it here to you ladies who not only take beautiful pictures, but videos as well to let me know what you use, or what is you're favorite.  I was looking into Canon, but I'm open to suggestions.

2) I'm also hoping to buy a new laptop. If you were a follower around the time I went to Italy, you would have read about how my Dell Laptop of 4 years died 2 days before I left to study abroad. With little time and absolutely no money, I was able to get an 14" HP laptop. I absolutely love this laptop since my last one, but my heart has always wanted a MacBook Pro. 
So my question for you ladies- 13" or 15" ? 

I hope you ladies can help me with this decision. I can't wait to finally invest in both of these :) 
Also, I finally did my first water marbling and it turned out not so bad. Will be posting pictures soon!
Enjoy you're weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2012

NOTW + Kiss Nail Dress Review

Now that the weather is finally in the 80s I thought Pink would be the best pick of the week. After visiting the closest CVS to me I came across the sale section where I found Kiss Nail Dress stickers for $1.49. Originally they are $6.99, but I since I have yet to try the whole nail polish stickers fad I never wanted to spend the full price without knowing how they would be. After coming across these, I bought the Pink Leopard ones. I figured someone must have opened it or something because there was really nothing wrong with the item to make it on sale.

Kiss Nail Dress are the new nail strips that last up to 10 days, depending on what you do each day. I've had mine on for 4 days and so far it's still in tact and has not peeled once. I decided to only wear in on my ring fingers and fill the rest with Sinful Colors 24/7 which is a bright neon pink.

These nail strips are really worth the price and I plan on going out and getting more because it really does last. With two jobs, 4 days is a miracle for my nails!

I give this product a A- only because there are a lot of colors I want and that they don't have or the colors that are a little too cheesy for me.

Have any of you ladies tried these nail strips or any other's out there you love?

As I mentioned above, I purchased this item on my own, with my own money. No one forced or asked me to do this review!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Klout Perk: Essie Summer 2012 :)

So for a while now I've been a part of Klout, which is a website that rates your influence through social networks and by the score you obtain you are able to receive different types of Perks. 
After a few days I had enough to get the a nail polish from the Essie Summer Collection of 2012 and I finally got it in the mail :) YAY!
Can't wait to try it next week!
If you want to be a part of these perks, go to and sign up! 

 I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best 21st Birthday & Drake

So my birthday was a few weeks ago and since then a lot of good things have happened
1) I successfully made my first ever cake and it actually turned out good. It was supposed to be leopard print but the colors were so similar it looked a little like cow print lol
2) I celebrated with my friends and family all week
3) I got a new job :) 
and 4) My best friend surprised me with Drake tickets =D
Now I know a lot of people have their opinions on Drake but when it comes to me I'm absolutely in love with him and I've always wanted to go to a concert. Unfortunately I got sick the day before so I spent all day yesterday sleeping and taking a ton of medicine so I would be ready to go! Best night of my life! 
I can definitely check off those things on my mental bucket list!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Mannequins!

So growing up I have always wanted a mannequin. I can remember when I would get PB Teen magazines I would circle all the things I wanted and they were at least $199. Well this isn't new, I've actually had them since February but I had to figure out where and how I would actually use them before I could post about them. 
For those who don't know I work at V. Secret and we are doing some MAJOR remodeling to the point where we will be double the size and comparable to the two story store they have in Chicago. I helped out with the entire move and as one of the few associates that got to see the old store for the last time we also were able to run around and pick out mannequins for us to take home. I couldn't believe my luck and I wish I would have grabbed a few more for friends but here are my new babies :) 
Excuse the mess, I'm currently trying to get my room in order.
I've been using the one with polka dots for my purses and the other for my scarves :) 
Also my birthday past last week and I'm trying to prepare a Haul/Birthday Video to post on here. Not sure when but I will try too soon! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Update #2 & Sinful Colors Haul

Hello Gorgeous
So it has been a long time since I last updated so here's what has been going on:
1) I had my interview at my job (which wasn't a real interview I guess) and actually a complete waste of my time. It was good thing though because now I'm seeking a new opportunities at other places. Oh well it's just retail right?
2) I finished my last semester as a Junior in my undergrad, finishing with all B+'s which is fine by me but it kind of stinks when I was only a few points away from As... 
3) I got a new job (or second job)  :) 
4) I start my summer classes next week
oh and 5) I guess the whole catty girls and drama didn't end in high school and a lot of people I was friends with from work ended up starting situations with me. It's sad to know that no matter what age we are girls are still trying to be rude and talk behind peoples backs. But of course it was a lesson learned and I still have the girls who stick with me through thick and thin! 
Besides all of that my life is definitely going the way I want it too. I'm actually starting to live and eat healthier. I actually joined a gym and started with a personal trainer for a few days to see certain things I can do and I'm planning on going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I'm even more excited to start making delicious healthy meals that will leave me happy and energized rather than fat and bloated. I might keep track of my progress on here or post some new recipes I discover...but we will see :) 
So enough about my life, 
My best friend called me a couple weeks ago and told me that Sinful Colors at Walgreen's were all of a sudden on sale for 99 cents. Although they are normally $1.99 which is still a good price I couldn't pass up this deal. I went 2 different times and picked up 5 nail polishes for $5.25 both times. Total it cost me $10.50 for 10 bottles. Unfortunately, I picked up a color I already had so I hope they will let me exchange it! I think this deal is over but I'm pretty sure they will do it again soon, at least I hope. 

Colors (From left to Right) Back: Why Not, Let's Talk, Nirvana, All About You, Secret Admirer
Front: Nail Junkie, Kissy, Mint Apple, Island Coral, PINK

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Update :)

Hellloo Beautiful! 
Just a little update post and a little note that my next post just might be a video haul :) Different right? 
Well right now I'm just busy with school and work but luckily school is coming to an end and my last final is April 30th. Unfortunately I start spring classes on May 8th but it will be worth it since I will now only have 3 semesters left of undergrad! Also I have a little secret that's super excited but I can't say what it is. Not sure how its going to turn out, so if it doesn't work out I'll let you all know. Otherwise I will let you all know next fall *hint* Also I will start my internship soon and If I get this position at my job I'm interviewing for things will be going good. Any who my 21st birthday is coming up and I'm trying to figure out things to do. I never want to do things big but because Its the last exciting birthday I might as well do something crazy. 

Also I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! I spent the day with my family and it was perfect :) 

Plus I'm getting my hair done soon and with the horrible experiences I've had I'm incredibly scared doing anything different with my hair. But, I have some faith and for my last chance I want to do something a little different. I actually have a little red undertone in my hair naturally. Basically I can't describe what I want so here's a picture: (Ignore the person who has the hair lol) 

Yes or No? Comment below if you Like it! 

Lastly, I went to Burn Fitness this little place close to my house that has been sending invites for a while now. I decided to finally check it out and not only did I get a membership but I also got a personal trainer. I'm extremely excited because I have not been happy with my weight and finally I'm doing something to change that! This might be the best summer.  

XOXO Danielle 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Helloooooo Gorgeous, 
So I've been on a nail polishaholic status for a while now, and I'm starting to really notice this since I cannot keep my hands or money away from all the beautiful colored nail polishes out there. Instead of studying I'm looking up new polishes I have yet to come across or swatches to see which ones look better. 

Recently I purchased OPI Strawberry Margarita, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and China Glaze Gothic Lolita. I absolutely loved these purchases but I questioned Flip Flop Fantasy. When I first purchased it, it looks like a coral with a little pink inside the bottle but when I applied it to my nail polish wheel it looked completely orange so I was a little scared to try it. Last night something came over me and I decided to try it out and here's what I got...
Unfortunately this picture doesn't show the actual brightness and neon color it is but it definitely looks gorgeous. After wearing it all day I got a ton of compliments and I'm surely keeping this on for a while. If your looking for something to spice up your nails definitely try this color out. Its from an old China Glaze collection but you can still find it online or in stores. 

♥XOXO Danielle

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite MAC Foundation ♥

So I've had a rough weekend to say the least but its my spring break and the drinks I've had this weekend definitely made up for everything. I actually had my first Washington Apple Shot which was delicious. I can tell for my 21st I'm going to have the best drinks :)
 Work has been really attacking my confidence and I'm trying really hard to not allow stupid things to effect me. Other than that, I have been using my new MAC Mineralized Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation and MAC 188 Duo Fibre Brush which I absolutely love! Thank god I ran out of my powder foundation because it was nothing compared to the Satin Finished.

It really lasts all day for me and even gives my skin a little glow after applying. This was definitely worth every penny. When  I tried it on I was actually able to wear NW 20 which is weird for me because I have been an NW25 for forever, but I still purchased my NW 25 because summer is coming and I will be a little darker (hopefully) :)

Hope you all had a lovely Monday :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOTD: Cinderella

So of course the one night that I went out with my girls I promised myself I would not buy anything. Then I bought 4 new Sinful Color Nail Polishes haha. Clearly I can't hold back on buying anything, but it was worth it. I got Pinky Glitter, Cinderella, Hazard, and Green Ocean. I actually didn't like the last two colors so I plan on returning or exchanging them but last week I sported Pinky Glitter over my OPI Pink Friday,  and this week I have on Cinderella. 

(I apologize for my horrible chips and bad nails. Since spring is coming I'm getting them done soon and I actually applied this 5 days ago)..I really liked Cinderella because it was a simple light blue with a hint of shimmer that really applied well to my nails. I was totally prepared to put a color under Cinderella, but after two coats my nails were perfectly covered. For Sinful Colors, this is probably my favorite! Plus like I mentioned I applied this 5 days ago, and after work and school its still holding on strong!

What are your favorite Sinful Color Nail Polishes? 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Update and Something fun :)

So it doesn't seem like a long time but it feels like forever since I last posted. So far I've been extremely busy with my job (our store is being remodeled, so we moved), midterms, my job shadow, and all the millions of quizzes and papers. Also I had a little issue where I got my pay check and literally spent half of it at MAC so I have a lot of new lovely posts coming up! 
I'm extremely excited today because I received my acceptance letter for my Minor in Business Administration. Also planning out my fall semester it really hit me that my graduation is soon approaching! I have about a year and a half (hopefully) left and I can't believe it. 

YAY :) Anyways now that my last midterm is over and its the weekend, I decided it would be great to take my room and completely change it, throw things out and donate some old clothes I NEVER wear. Sounds good right?
Hope you all are having a wonderful night!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Day Treat Under $10 ♡

Single or Taken this Valentine's Day? Why not treat yourself either way!
I woke up this morning to some snowy weather, which is great for me because I don't know about you guys but our weather has been anything but normal. I guess this global warming they've been talking about is coming true. Winter for us is snow from January-March and below 30 degrees. For the past few weeks it has been sunny and around 40-50 degrees (which I won't complain) but I miss the snow.
So this morning when I woke up I not only had an urge to stay home and cuddle but I had a bigger urge to make cupcakes! I went to the store picked up everything I needed all Under $9 :) I made about 24 cupcakes 
Chocolate and Confetti
Duncan Hines Confetti & Devil Food Cake- $0.94 / per box
Baking Cups- $1.47
Valentine Sprinkles- $1.88
Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting/Icing- $1.50

For Confetti Cupcakes you will need
1) 1/2 Cup of Water
2) 4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
3) 2 Large Eggs
4) Frosting (Optional)
5) Sprinkles (Optional)
6) Cupcake Baking Pan (duh :) )
The picture under is me mixing the contents above and those little paws in the back are of my kitty Cinnamon :) 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Travelers? I need help :)

So, after different ideas I'm excited that me and my best friend choose a place we can go soon while we save money for a Eurotrip in a year or two. Right now the place is Chicago :)
Now the last time I was there was probably in 8th grade and we went together actually for a choir trip so not much we could really do on our own. Now that we know the place I thought I would bring it here to ask any of my followers who have been to Chicago, what are the best places to go?

The good news is that we live in Michigan its about 4 or 5 hours away so no need to take a plane or anything but  It would help to know where the best spots are :)

Also I hope you ladies had a wonderful week. Just had and exam and have about two more next week so aside from this all I'm doing is studying!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Short Hair, Don't Care ♡

I got my hair cut and colored on an impulse yesterday when I went with my mother to get hers done. When we saw a girl with this cute hair my mom offered to pay for it, if and only if I get it cut. I cannot explain how much hair is gone but it is definitely a difference. The best part is all of my failed hair cuts and failed colored damaged hair is now gone. I also picked up a dry shampoo by KMS called Hair Play that I can't wait to try! 

Anyways, here's the short hair :) 
Do you like? 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Matte About You ♡

I was out with my friend after work and we decided to go out to dinner. In between our talks of the holidays I brought up how much I wanted the new OPI Nicki Minaj Collection but I couldn't find it anywhere. She told me how beauty first had them the other day so once our dinner was over we went straight over there and I purchased Pink Friday ($8.50) and Metallic 4 Life ($8.50). After looking around I also noticed they had Essie's Matte About You for $2 (Priced $5-8)  :O 

I purchased all three and for the past week I've been wearing Pink Friday. I've gotten so many compliments on it but personally I expected it to be a little bit more of an hot pink. Once I put it on though, I fell in love! 
I have not had the chance to wear all three (or get my nails done so I apologize for the horrible cuticles) so I used my nail palettes to show them off :) 

 This swatch of Essie's Matte About You (on the right) using Sally Hansen "Midnight In NY" underneath

Below: Both Metallic 4 Life (on top) and Pink Friday (on bottom) 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belated New Year ♡

So I have been a horrible blogger...I have not blogged my entire winter break, but a lot has happened since Christmas and New Year. Let me start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) I had an amazing 2011 with my study abroad trip to Italy and a lot of the people I met the past year. I have been working the whole holiday season and I have to say I have never dealt with so many rude people. I almost wanted to quit my job because people are CRAZY! But there were definitely a lot of customers that made me realize how much I loved what I do. I'm just happy it's over!

I normally don't like going into personal details on sites like these but I can't help myself. About a year ago I met this guy on Twitter (I know, I'm embarrassed to admit it) but we just started out talking crap to each other and he pretty much became my best friend. We would message each other everyday for the next 6 months and even when I went to Italy I managed to stay in contact with him. I started realizing how much I liked him because he literally acted like me, but the fact he lived over 2000 miles away it never seemed realistic. Before I knew it we slowly made it apparent how we felt and our messages turned into Skype dates and finally texting. He came to visit me the past few days and he left this morning and I can honestly say I miss him so much. Its crazy because he is everything I could have ever asked in a guy, but the distance just kills me. Well I guess we are going to see where it takes us, I'm just going to put it in gods hands and hope for the best.

Anyways I picked up a few goodies in between working and my love life so I will be posting details soon. School starts again tomorrow I'm hoping for a great semester.

How were your holidays?