Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty Blogger Question

Hello Ladies!

So I haven't really done this before but I really need some help. I'm looking for a new shampoo since my old one Pantene Flat to Volume became discontinued or renamed because I cannot find it anywhere. So I'm asking all of you ladies what are your favorite hair shampoos!

I do not use conditioner normally because I don't need it and my hair becomes extremely oily even by putting a little at the ends of my hair (weird I know).

My hair tends to be a little oily after one day, so I generally have to wash it everyday or every other day otherwise I get good shine. Only problem I notice sometimes is that my hair can get extremely flat and I love to get some volume.

I know we all have different hair types and it will probably be hard to determine which one would work for me but names and or ideas work perfectly so I can do my research :)

So far I have been looking into Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize but I have seen so so reviews.

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