Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recovering + Halloween Weekend!

So night one of my Halloween weekend went amazing! After running errands all day Friday, me and my two friends drove down to University of Michigan to go stay with some friends for the night. We all got ready, hung out and just enjoyed our time together :) 
Also, I can honestly say that even though I would love to be out tonight for night two, My body needs to recover so instead I am cuddled up in bed working on a presentation for class & watching Hocus Pocus and Matilda. Those were my favorite movies when I was younger so it feels great to watch it again! 
Its funny looking back at the pictures after the fact. Although my eye lashes are already long I decided to go ahead and get some false lashes, that I used last year. It seemed like this year they were SO long!

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween Weekend!! What are you being this halloween? :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My trip to ITALY! ♡

So after 3 months I have finally finished my Study Abroad blog for my trip to Italy over the summer :)

Click Here for the Blog

Let me know what you think, I worked really hard on this blog with translations and pictures!

Ciao a tutti ♡

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Excited I Can't Hold it In!

Alright so I don't have any pictures of it yet but I'm beyond excited to share my new leggings I got from Forever 21 today. As most know I work at V.Secret at Somerset Mall and there is a Forever 21 about 2 stores down from V.S. Last night, one of my co workers came in with these leggings that were like a Tribal Print in white and black.
The next day I literally went to the store and bought something that ended up not fitting me. By that time it was already my shift so I went to the bathroom, called Forever 21 and had them put the leggings on hold. There was a Tribal white and black legging and tan and black leggings $7.80 each.
I cannot wait to wear them and post a picture of it soon!! But here is the picture from the website....cute right?! :)

Anyways have a lovely night and hope you all have a great start to your week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall: Scarves

So its starting to get very chilly in Michigan and nothing feels better than wearing a nice comfy Northface and a scarf! Normally I don't have a lot of scarves but luckily when I went to Italy I stocked up on 3 beautiful scarves and then yesterday I went with my mom to get her hair done and I got a few more scarves :)
It made me miss the days when I went out with my mom and if she liked something I loved, she would end up buying it for me. But at the same time I now love knowing what I buy is from my own money so I can't complain!
Left- Forever 21 $10.80
Middle- Salon/Independent Seller- $9
Right- Salon/Independent Seller- $12

I also bought a Forever 21 Cross Necklace which is very bright and pretty to wear!

Also I am almost finished with my Italian Study Abroad blog and I was hoping to officially post it here and also if anyone wants to see all the Italian goodies I got or videos I took please let me know!
Happy Friday!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just a Heads Up!

I went to a local Ulta store today with my friend to go pick up OPI "You Don't Know Jacques!" when I came across the sign that by buying two OPI Nail Polishes you can get a free OPI Top or Base Coat! Not sure how many stores are doing this but I'm hoping everyone gets this because that's a good $8.50 I won't have to spend for a new top coat. Sadly, they were all out of the base coats so I had to settle for the top coat but still worth it. I also picked up OPI The Miss Universe "Crown Me Already"

Also, another thing I'm looking forward too is the OPI Muppet Collection. I know word about this collection has been going around since August but since its getting closer to November I'm getting very excited :) I already found a couple colors I'm dying to see and swatch! Just in case you haven't seen it yet here is the full collection.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ♡

Friday, October 7, 2011

Confessions of a Victoria Secret Associate

Love Victoria's Secret, or the Very Sexy Bra?
Look to see if the Very Sexy Event is going on near you!!
October 9th from 7pm-9pm :)

I myself will be working the event over here in Michigan!
I love the events they have, we get to meet so many people, dance, and spend some time together :)
Here's some pictures from the past PINK event w. my girls LOVE THEM!!

Fall Nails

Now dark colors are not normally what I do when it comes to nail polish but there's something different about this fall. I already have my Halloween week nails in mind but until then I thought I would bring out the dark purples and gold! I used both OPI Merry Midnight which is a dark purple with specks of red, blue and purple (It's hard to see but very pretty when applied)and OPI "Bring On the Bling" from the Burlesque Collection which is just a gold sparkle Nail polish.

Also as a sidenote, I realized I have NO BOOTS :O
I don't know how this happened but apparently all I have are uggs, so now I am on a mission to find a lot of cute new boots for the fall and winter. If anyone has any favorite websites let me know :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Alright so I apologize, I realized I somehow disabled my comments from appearing on all new posts so even if you wanted to respond you couldn't :( anyways I changed the setting and now comments are available :)

I'll have a new post soon ♡

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Cold of Fall.....literally ♡

So It seems this past weekend Michigan decided to skip Fall and head straight to winter. For the first 3 days of October the weather went from 70 to 40 degrees. With everyone at work getting sick and surprisingly I have been immune to the sickness, I finally became a victim of whatever virus is going around. I have to be honest though this past weekend whether it had a impact on how I feel today, was amazing. I went to my first football game and not any football game, a Big House University Michigan game and it was amazing. Not only did we win 58-0 against Minnesota (because I was there :) ) but I also met some amazing people and got to check out the law school!

Also probably the funniest thing about the game was that I used a Male ID to get into the game and they didn't even look at it! hahaha so for the day I was a male named Noel! Spending the night there really made me rethink my studies and I would love to go to UofM for law school. That means I need to get straight As until I graduate and kick butt on my LSAT.

Another thing I got to experience was my first wake up call by the sorority Frat brothers who decided to bang the life out of the doors as I laid on the floor next too it. (My friend live in the sorority house and the Frat comes at 7am every home game to "wake up" the girls.)

I had an amazing weekend and I guess it was worth getting sick, even though I feel very crappy right now :(
Hope you all stay healthy and have a lovely week ♡