Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite MAC Foundation ♥

So I've had a rough weekend to say the least but its my spring break and the drinks I've had this weekend definitely made up for everything. I actually had my first Washington Apple Shot which was delicious. I can tell for my 21st I'm going to have the best drinks :)
 Work has been really attacking my confidence and I'm trying really hard to not allow stupid things to effect me. Other than that, I have been using my new MAC Mineralized Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation and MAC 188 Duo Fibre Brush which I absolutely love! Thank god I ran out of my powder foundation because it was nothing compared to the Satin Finished.

It really lasts all day for me and even gives my skin a little glow after applying. This was definitely worth every penny. When  I tried it on I was actually able to wear NW 20 which is weird for me because I have been an NW25 for forever, but I still purchased my NW 25 because summer is coming and I will be a little darker (hopefully) :)

Hope you all had a lovely Monday :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOTD: Cinderella

So of course the one night that I went out with my girls I promised myself I would not buy anything. Then I bought 4 new Sinful Color Nail Polishes haha. Clearly I can't hold back on buying anything, but it was worth it. I got Pinky Glitter, Cinderella, Hazard, and Green Ocean. I actually didn't like the last two colors so I plan on returning or exchanging them but last week I sported Pinky Glitter over my OPI Pink Friday,  and this week I have on Cinderella. 

(I apologize for my horrible chips and bad nails. Since spring is coming I'm getting them done soon and I actually applied this 5 days ago)..I really liked Cinderella because it was a simple light blue with a hint of shimmer that really applied well to my nails. I was totally prepared to put a color under Cinderella, but after two coats my nails were perfectly covered. For Sinful Colors, this is probably my favorite! Plus like I mentioned I applied this 5 days ago, and after work and school its still holding on strong!

What are your favorite Sinful Color Nail Polishes? 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Update and Something fun :)

So it doesn't seem like a long time but it feels like forever since I last posted. So far I've been extremely busy with my job (our store is being remodeled, so we moved), midterms, my job shadow, and all the millions of quizzes and papers. Also I had a little issue where I got my pay check and literally spent half of it at MAC so I have a lot of new lovely posts coming up! 
I'm extremely excited today because I received my acceptance letter for my Minor in Business Administration. Also planning out my fall semester it really hit me that my graduation is soon approaching! I have about a year and a half (hopefully) left and I can't believe it. 

YAY :) Anyways now that my last midterm is over and its the weekend, I decided it would be great to take my room and completely change it, throw things out and donate some old clothes I NEVER wear. Sounds good right?
Hope you all are having a wonderful night!