Thursday, March 8, 2012

NOTD: Cinderella

So of course the one night that I went out with my girls I promised myself I would not buy anything. Then I bought 4 new Sinful Color Nail Polishes haha. Clearly I can't hold back on buying anything, but it was worth it. I got Pinky Glitter, Cinderella, Hazard, and Green Ocean. I actually didn't like the last two colors so I plan on returning or exchanging them but last week I sported Pinky Glitter over my OPI Pink Friday,  and this week I have on Cinderella. 

(I apologize for my horrible chips and bad nails. Since spring is coming I'm getting them done soon and I actually applied this 5 days ago)..I really liked Cinderella because it was a simple light blue with a hint of shimmer that really applied well to my nails. I was totally prepared to put a color under Cinderella, but after two coats my nails were perfectly covered. For Sinful Colors, this is probably my favorite! Plus like I mentioned I applied this 5 days ago, and after work and school its still holding on strong!

What are your favorite Sinful Color Nail Polishes? 

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