Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My First MAC Palette

Hello ladies Enjoying your summer? We have been having a lot of heat which I know has been going across the east and southeast recently. We had about 4 days in 100 + degrees which never happens in Michigan. 

 Now I know my birthday was two months ago and unfortunately I wasn't able to do a post about what I got or rather bought myself :) but I ended up purchasing my first ever MAC Pro Palette for 15 eye shadows. I wanted my first eye shadow to put in there to be special so after I was completely empty of the original eye shadow I picked up a pan size of Patina which is a gorgeous gold brown that has a little bit of pink, green, and gold. This is a frost eye shadow but has a subtle tone of shimmer. I use this in my everyday routine so it definitely has a small place in my heart.

What are your MAC favorites or what neutrals do you regularly go to?

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