Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello Kitty & Shatter

The past few days have been really rough for me. I had my first look at what felt to me as failure. After working really hard studying for my math final, I did not get a good enough grade to pass to the next class. Since every university is different I'll explain our math system. Basically you can get an A the entire semester but if you get less than a 70% on the final exam you automatically get a D. In this case, that is what happened to me. After crying for a few days and battling the feeling that I failed myself, I found a positive solution that might help...and hopefully the hard work I put in will pull off. I'm feeling good about this so possibly the D will not hurt me.

After all this craziness my best friend and I went out for a little bit of retail therapy! After fighting the craze of the new OPI Shatter Nail Polish, I finally let in and bought it! Have yet to try it but I start my new job tomorrow so I probably won't do my nails until the weekend. Also we stopped at Forever 21 and for about a month I've been trying to find this cute Hello Kitty half shirt (Also seen in the picture on the left side bar under my about me >>) & FINALLY I FOUND IT! yay!! Cute right?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ♥

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