Sunday, June 19, 2011

Late Birthday Post Plus Usher/Akon Concert

So I finally got my laptop back which means I'm going to do a complete post on all the things I got for my birthday :)

I finally got the Naked Palette by Urban Decay at a Ulta store near where I live. I found it around my birthday so of course I had to buy it after waiting months.

Then I got a couple new nail polishes.
First is Mischievous Mint by MAC from the Quite Cute collection. I know we've all seen them on plenty of blogs and of course I was dying to get it. When I went to Nordstrom they had one left! My best friend ended up getting it for me and then on my actual birthday my mom surprised me with another so now I have two!

Lastly, for nail polishes that is I got the OPI Shatter and China Glaze "Sun Worshiper". Have yet to use them but now that I'm down to one job that's less physical I will try them soon and have swatches!

Last but not least for my birthday the best friend I mentioned before got Usher tickets where the concert was exactly on my birthday. We were 4 ROWS from the stage and Usher looked so GOOD up close! Here's a few pictures from that night ♥

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! ♥


  1. Ahhh Akon <33
    All the people I want to see never perform near me! :(