Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever 21 + Hello Kitty Release = ♡

For all the Hello kitty lovers out there, including myself......November will be an amazing month!!

Forever 21 and Sanrio announce their first exclusive collaboration, a limited-edition Hello Kitty fashion collection featuring women’s apparel, intimates, hosiery, jewelry and accessories. The Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will make its debut on November 18th…

The limited-edition styles includes everything from adorable accessories such as jewelry and bags to socks and tights, also pointelle sweaters, logo tees, cardigans—even a maxi-dress! Priced from $3.80 to just under $30, the limited-edition Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will be available in stores and online.

I'm very excited for this because although I love hello kitty, most clothing I find is too girly or out there. Now they will have a line that is more sophisticated. You can imagine I will be online at midnight ready to buy on November 17th.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Playing around Naked

So I only used my Naked palette a few times since I've bought it and now I'm ready to bring out the colors for fall :)

I will post pictures of a few as I do them, and please ignore my eyebrows in any future pictures I am trying to grow them out a little and they currently look a little ugly.

For now I have been using my OPI Shatter regularly and today I just did this:

Have a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween: Leopard eyes ♡

So everyday of my life I have been told I have long eye lashes. Only recently have I had people question whether they are real or not. Well sorry they are real and sometimes very annoying, but I love them :)

This is a makeup idea I had last year for halloween I wanted to do a leopard eye since I was being a cute cat. First I started the base with all my neutral colors using

Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow (Naked Palette)
Urban Decay Dark Horse (Naked Palette)
Kiko Due Eye Shadow in 100
Kiko Eye Shadow 20

Then after I used a Maybelline Gel liner in black to create the leopard spots all around my eye and on my face. I then filled in the spots with a brown eyeliner and then went over the spots with a brown eyeshadow to make it more blended in.

Final Product:

I added some eye lashes even though they didn't do much they were cute and I spent the night with my girls at the University of Michigan :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day & Birthdays

So I'm going to regret posting this knowing that my best friend is going to see this post...but I have an issue. A while ago I posted about how for my 20th birthday my friend not only got me MAC "Mischievous Mint" and Usher Tickets so now its my turn to give her the best birthday. Her birthday was September 1st and I have been trying to plan something to surprise her for her birthday and the Christmas present that never happened years ago.

WELLLLL I just got off the phone with her and the 15 year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection I had in mind is already in her hands! So now I'm back to square one trying to figure out what I should do hmm.......

anyways I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day! Over in Michigan it is cold/chilly and it feels like Fall is finally here. Not sure how excited I really am, but I'm about to start taking out all my hoodies! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Italia Withdrawls

So its about to be a month since I've been back from Italy and since the minute the plane landed in Michigan I missed Italy. It doesn't help that the Italian students we lived with post on our walls and statuses on Facebook that they want us to come back and they miss us. :(

I wish I was back there already.....and soon hopefully I will be!

Not only is that a picture of me and the wine I brought back *cough* (smuggled)
But it is also my hair long and I clearly had a few blonde streaks.

I wanted to get a peak a boo light brown faded and the woman gave me blonde streaks.....
So since I got back I decided I needed something different

Officially one color and a lot shorter :) I love it!

(Also sorry my pictures suck, had to buy a new computer before I left for Italy...and the focus and quality sucks)