Saturday, September 3, 2011

Italia Withdrawls

So its about to be a month since I've been back from Italy and since the minute the plane landed in Michigan I missed Italy. It doesn't help that the Italian students we lived with post on our walls and statuses on Facebook that they want us to come back and they miss us. :(

I wish I was back there already.....and soon hopefully I will be!

Not only is that a picture of me and the wine I brought back *cough* (smuggled)
But it is also my hair long and I clearly had a few blonde streaks.

I wanted to get a peak a boo light brown faded and the woman gave me blonde streaks.....
So since I got back I decided I needed something different

Officially one color and a lot shorter :) I love it!

(Also sorry my pictures suck, had to buy a new computer before I left for Italy...and the focus and quality sucks)