Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween: Leopard eyes ♡

So everyday of my life I have been told I have long eye lashes. Only recently have I had people question whether they are real or not. Well sorry they are real and sometimes very annoying, but I love them :)

This is a makeup idea I had last year for halloween I wanted to do a leopard eye since I was being a cute cat. First I started the base with all my neutral colors using

Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow (Naked Palette)
Urban Decay Dark Horse (Naked Palette)
Kiko Due Eye Shadow in 100
Kiko Eye Shadow 20

Then after I used a Maybelline Gel liner in black to create the leopard spots all around my eye and on my face. I then filled in the spots with a brown eyeliner and then went over the spots with a brown eyeshadow to make it more blended in.

Final Product:

I added some eye lashes even though they didn't do much they were cute and I spent the night with my girls at the University of Michigan :)