Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If you live in Detroit or follow anyone who goes to school at Wayne State University, you've probably seen the Trending Topic for the past 24 hours. I never really go into a Trending Topic too much because either their dumb or too many people make ridiculous tweets that are really annoying. This time I think everyone at Wayne either tweeted or retweeted almost everything people were saying because it was dead true lol. Now that I think about it, it's horrible that so many things are thought of at this school, but its probably the only thing that makes living here fun. I'm just going to dedicate this post to all the TRUE tweets that were posted last night and probably the worst but funniest ever.

#WelcometoWayneState where its normal to find at least one person in the UGL watching porn. usually an old man who grunts!

#welcometowaynestate where everyone knows whose doing who because of the paper thin walls

#WelcomeToWayneState where nothing starts on time stepshow nor class

#welcometowaynestate where the showers in the dorm can barely fit one person. and the shower head sprays u right in the face.

#welcometowaynestate where the police tell u to smoke your blunts outside next time lol

#welcometowaynestate where people get preggo before they get through their first class they enrolled in....#whores

#welcometowaynestate where half the classes you need to pass have teachers that barely speak english...smdh

#WelcomeToWayneState Where Everybody Got Tested When it Was "Pee in a Cup && See Whats Up" Time.! Lol

#welcometowaynestate where if you live on campus your always hearing that marbles dropping sound from the ceiling

#welcometowaynestate where you see guys that you don't know attend our midnight pajama breakfast event during finals week.

#welcometowaynestate where niggas play condom bingo!

#welcometowaynestate where everybody complain about the same shit but still go there ...

#WelcomeToWayneState where the mascot looks like it can be barney's cousin

#WelcomeToWayneState Where we make it sound so bad but we still have hella fun

#WelcomeToWayneState Where Everybody Seen That One Yellow Bike With No Tires Been Chained Up in Front of the Towers.!

#WelcomeToWayneState where the black squirrels ain't scared of you

#WelcometoWayneState when the bums talk back when you don't give them change. #o_O

#WelcomeToWayneState Rats come in the cafe with their hair wrapped and in Pajamas. #NoShame

#WelcomeToWayneState where the homeless people be on campus more than you do

#WelcomeToWayneState where the only thing higher than the tuition is the students lol

#WelcomeToWayneState Wayne State Public Safety be on crime scenes faster than real police

#welcometowaynestate where bein up at 2am just chillin is regular

#welcometowaynestate where almost MAJOR of the bitches pregnent. tht percentage is probably going up by the day. smh

#WelcomeToWayneState where the homeless people ask for taco bell instead of change

#WelcomeToWayneState where the professors talk more about their life instead of the actual subject

#WelcomeToWayneState where you can live in the dorms without having to attend classes #gohome

#WelcometoWayneState where everybody on campus last year hade to get mandatory STD testing.. #Smh

#welcometowaynestate where its normal to see people riding a bike playing a ukaleli & girls stabbing each other with their heels

#welcometowaynestate where you hear rats and their annoying laugh in the hallway #proof right now lol

#welcometowaynestate where you can catch that special man who dresses like a woman in a long floral dress, tennis shoes & a wig.

#welcometowaynestate where the student center is like a day care everyday filled with kids and highschoolers

#welcometowaynestate where theres always about 3 or more 40 year olds and above in each class

#welcometowaynestate where lazy ass people take the elevator at ghafari atchinson and towers just to get the the 2nd floor

#welcometowaynestate where ppl set off fire crackers in the UGL

#welcometowaynestate where the UGL is more of a hangout/hookup than an actual library

#welcometowaynestate where everybody knows "hot wheels" a.k.a "crazy legs" a.k.a LaTisha. and she got more hoes than anybody on campus.

#welcometowaynestate where fire alarms go off 5 days in a row and you still see people going out w. no shoes or clothes O_O

#welcometowaynestate where a old man on a unicycle blowing a horn is normal

#welcometowaynestate where every high school feels they need to take a field trip to everyday....

#welcometowaynestate where all the #sigmas are in the student center playin spades all day

#WelcomeToWayneState where we have #Ghettofari and #Ratchison

#welcometowaynestate where the RA's throw sex toy parties for the freshman girls...smh

#welcometowaynestate, where your professor's porn shows up accidentally instead of the powerpoint presentation.

Lol, Now if you havn't been to Wayne State this probably is not as funny, But come here for a week and you'll see why we were dying laughing :) I have to say though it is a good school where I know I'll make a life for myself and that is all that matters :)