Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Pair of Heels

Ok from the name of this post I can tell already I'm going to raise some eyebrows; So let me explain. I'm not a skinny girl at all and growing up my mom has always told me I cannot wear heels because I have weak ankles and I'm too big. Yeah thats right, so I grew up wearing those grandma heels...(even to prom!) Well thats changing...I know I have wide feet so it gives me a slim choice as to what heels to get but I was on a mission to find heels.
I went to Macy's and saw these gorgeous shimmer heels on sale and I had to try them on. To my surprise they fit perfect...I'm absolutely in love! I think I'm going to go back and get the Nude ones because now I'm obsessed :)

Cute right? :) xoxo

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Okay so this post is a little early... technically my birthday isn't until tonight at Midnight (Sunday) but I get to be the lucky person who gets to wake up at 5am to go to work from 6am-2pm...Yeah fun stuff haha so I'll be going to sleep very early tonight.

Luckily I have a lot to look forward too like dinner w. my family and the USHER & AKON CONCERT!
My best friend I mentioned in the last post decided to surprise me with Usher tickets so now I will be going to the concert on my birthday :) Then a couple days later I'll be having my birthday dinner w. my girls and the weekend after a going out night! So far things have been going really well and I can honestly say this is the best birthday ever...

Anyways when the clock strikes Midnight I will officially be 20 years old :)

Happyyyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyy To MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ♥

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 Days...

And I will be turning 20! YAYYY
so far my pre-birthday has been amazing...after waiting months beyond months I finally came across the Urban Decay Naked Palette that Ulta just got in the day I walked in. Of course I got it and I have been wearing it almost every day since.
Then for those who read my last post, I have been looking for Mischievous Mint from MAC Quite Cute collection and so far almost everyone was sold out. I went out with my best friend to the mall and we just went to Nordstrom just to see what they have. The minute I walked in the door I hooked my eyes right on the minty nail polish on display. The sales person told me there was only one left and I was seriously about to die because at that time I had no more money. Before I knew it my best friend was pulling out her card and told me Happy Birthday.
Talk about a moment I'll never forget.
I honestly wanted to cry and could not stop hugging her.
Haven't used it yet, but I will for the weekend festivities!

I will make an update with all the Pictures after I finish cleaning!
(Also I'm starting to organize my armoire/makeup area and I will be making a post for that very soon!)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

On A Mission

So I've been online and to two stores and so far I cannot find MAC Quite Cute Mischievous Mint Nail Polish.......
I have been looking for a mint nail polish for months and finally this one is perfect and its SOLD OUT :(

If anyone knows of places in Michigan that are selling it or know if MAC will ever bring it back in stock online Please Please Please let me know....
Or better yet.....If you have any dupes of a mint nail polish that you love let me know also! Because chances are if I can't find this nail polish I'll be searching for the next best thing :)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello Kitty & Shatter

The past few days have been really rough for me. I had my first look at what felt to me as failure. After working really hard studying for my math final, I did not get a good enough grade to pass to the next class. Since every university is different I'll explain our math system. Basically you can get an A the entire semester but if you get less than a 70% on the final exam you automatically get a D. In this case, that is what happened to me. After crying for a few days and battling the feeling that I failed myself, I found a positive solution that might help...and hopefully the hard work I put in will pull off. I'm feeling good about this so possibly the D will not hurt me.

After all this craziness my best friend and I went out for a little bit of retail therapy! After fighting the craze of the new OPI Shatter Nail Polish, I finally let in and bought it! Have yet to try it but I start my new job tomorrow so I probably won't do my nails until the weekend. Also we stopped at Forever 21 and for about a month I've been trying to find this cute Hello Kitty half shirt (Also seen in the picture on the left side bar under my about me >>) & FINALLY I FOUND IT! yay!! Cute right?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ♥