Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 Days...

And I will be turning 20! YAYYY
so far my pre-birthday has been amazing...after waiting months beyond months I finally came across the Urban Decay Naked Palette that Ulta just got in the day I walked in. Of course I got it and I have been wearing it almost every day since.
Then for those who read my last post, I have been looking for Mischievous Mint from MAC Quite Cute collection and so far almost everyone was sold out. I went out with my best friend to the mall and we just went to Nordstrom just to see what they have. The minute I walked in the door I hooked my eyes right on the minty nail polish on display. The sales person told me there was only one left and I was seriously about to die because at that time I had no more money. Before I knew it my best friend was pulling out her card and told me Happy Birthday.
Talk about a moment I'll never forget.
I honestly wanted to cry and could not stop hugging her.
Haven't used it yet, but I will for the weekend festivities!

I will make an update with all the Pictures after I finish cleaning!
(Also I'm starting to organize my armoire/makeup area and I will be making a post for that very soon!)


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