Saturday, April 9, 2011

How do i store my nail polish?

When you have only a few, you get used to small storages for your nail polish. When you go past having only a few....your left with slim choices. In the process of moving to our new house I found this pretty jar my nona (my mothers grandmother) used in her house. She passed away 6 years ago and we kept a lot of the pretty and simple things.
This clearly was one of them.
Its a pretty clear jar that is big enough to hold my nail polish. Sadly, I'm getting to the either I'll invest in a bigger jar and use this one for something different. For now it works perfectly and I love it!

Sidenote: Since we did move I decided to do my room a little different. I have this armoire wardrobe I used before as a little tv stand and to store my old cds and such. Now I'm using it as my makeup/beauty storage area. I have it leveled off into 3 sections. The top is all my hair products, tanning lotions, and necklaces that I like keeping in the boxes. Then the second level is my all my makeup and the last level is my perfumes and lotions. Its amazing and I'm still in the process of making it look really beautiful :) Once I move back home and have everything here I'll have it officially done.. I'll post a picture when it's finished.

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  1. When I first started blogging no one read my blog, I had to realize I was blogging for me and soon people started following. Keep on posting love (:

  2. Clear storage containers are great for make-up! I actually own no nail polish so I don't have this you ever feel like you never actually finish a full bottle of nail polish??

    BTW, following now =)

    stop by!

  3. Thank you Ronesha :)

    & Yes i agree, I have invested in some good storage drawers from target, so now its just into organizing it! I used to be the same owning no nail polish but once I started getting used to doing my own, I noticed I had at least 15-20 nail polishes. I have yet to go through one bottle but I'm close to running out of 3!

    Thank you for following :)
    I followed back!

  4. cute blog! :)
    xoxo Sienna