Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good News and some Bad News

The good news is I FINALLY MOVED BACK HOME :) yay!
Bad news: I have on more final Tuesday and I have to go back to our suite and clean up the mess that we all left behind and give back my key.
Sadly my roommates have already left because they were told to leave by 5pm yesterday and I was left with the entire mess of our room. I made a huge mistake last night because when I went to take one of my picture frames off the wall and nice big hole was formed where the paint was ripped off. Luckily I put that there were marks already on the wall so lets hope they just accept that....
I hope.

Anyways I'll be starting to work at my two jobs this week and next week. In case you never read this before I work at Bordine's Nursery which is a garden/flower/landscaping place and Victoria's Secret. When I went to get my schedule I found out I was no longer sales at Bordine's and instead put as a Waterer.... which means I go in at 6am and spend the morning watering flowers... A GREAT excuse to get some cute rain boots! (Sorry about the picture quality, my camera decided to commit suicide so I had to resort to my phone)

I got these at Target for $24.99, too bad I got the wrong size so I'm currently waiting for my package to come in with my right size :) Their so adorable and fit nicely so that I can wear these to work and for those rainy days outside! Love it.

Here's a picture of me and my roommates :) These girls have literally become my sisters and made me a better person. I love them with my life ♥

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