Friday, June 22, 2012

Camera Question! Help!

Hey ladies, 

So right now I'm trying to do a little saving as I pay off this tuition for one of my online classes and I hope by the end of the summer I will have enough to purchase a few things. 

1) A new camera! I've been carrying around my camera for forever and although my Canon Elph has done it's job I've been really wanting to get one for more professional pictures and videos. Unfortunately I'm not tech savvy with camera's so I figured I would bring it here to you ladies who not only take beautiful pictures, but videos as well to let me know what you use, or what is you're favorite.  I was looking into Canon, but I'm open to suggestions.

2) I'm also hoping to buy a new laptop. If you were a follower around the time I went to Italy, you would have read about how my Dell Laptop of 4 years died 2 days before I left to study abroad. With little time and absolutely no money, I was able to get an 14" HP laptop. I absolutely love this laptop since my last one, but my heart has always wanted a MacBook Pro. 
So my question for you ladies- 13" or 15" ? 

I hope you ladies can help me with this decision. I can't wait to finally invest in both of these :) 
Also, I finally did my first water marbling and it turned out not so bad. Will be posting pictures soon!
Enjoy you're weekend!

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