Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall: Scarves

So its starting to get very chilly in Michigan and nothing feels better than wearing a nice comfy Northface and a scarf! Normally I don't have a lot of scarves but luckily when I went to Italy I stocked up on 3 beautiful scarves and then yesterday I went with my mom to get her hair done and I got a few more scarves :)
It made me miss the days when I went out with my mom and if she liked something I loved, she would end up buying it for me. But at the same time I now love knowing what I buy is from my own money so I can't complain!
Left- Forever 21 $10.80
Middle- Salon/Independent Seller- $9
Right- Salon/Independent Seller- $12

I also bought a Forever 21 Cross Necklace which is very bright and pretty to wear!

Also I am almost finished with my Italian Study Abroad blog and I was hoping to officially post it here and also if anyone wants to see all the Italian goodies I got or videos I took please let me know!
Happy Friday!!!

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