Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Cold of Fall.....literally ♡

So It seems this past weekend Michigan decided to skip Fall and head straight to winter. For the first 3 days of October the weather went from 70 to 40 degrees. With everyone at work getting sick and surprisingly I have been immune to the sickness, I finally became a victim of whatever virus is going around. I have to be honest though this past weekend whether it had a impact on how I feel today, was amazing. I went to my first football game and not any football game, a Big House University Michigan game and it was amazing. Not only did we win 58-0 against Minnesota (because I was there :) ) but I also met some amazing people and got to check out the law school!

Also probably the funniest thing about the game was that I used a Male ID to get into the game and they didn't even look at it! hahaha so for the day I was a male named Noel! Spending the night there really made me rethink my studies and I would love to go to UofM for law school. That means I need to get straight As until I graduate and kick butt on my LSAT.

Another thing I got to experience was my first wake up call by the sorority Frat brothers who decided to bang the life out of the doors as I laid on the floor next too it. (My friend live in the sorority house and the Frat comes at 7am every home game to "wake up" the girls.)

I had an amazing weekend and I guess it was worth getting sick, even though I feel very crappy right now :(
Hope you all stay healthy and have a lovely week ♡