Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recovering + Halloween Weekend!

So night one of my Halloween weekend went amazing! After running errands all day Friday, me and my two friends drove down to University of Michigan to go stay with some friends for the night. We all got ready, hung out and just enjoyed our time together :) 
Also, I can honestly say that even though I would love to be out tonight for night two, My body needs to recover so instead I am cuddled up in bed working on a presentation for class & watching Hocus Pocus and Matilda. Those were my favorite movies when I was younger so it feels great to watch it again! 
Its funny looking back at the pictures after the fact. Although my eye lashes are already long I decided to go ahead and get some false lashes, that I used last year. It seemed like this year they were SO long!

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween Weekend!! What are you being this halloween? :)

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