Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Excited I Can't Hold it In!

Alright so I don't have any pictures of it yet but I'm beyond excited to share my new leggings I got from Forever 21 today. As most know I work at V.Secret at Somerset Mall and there is a Forever 21 about 2 stores down from V.S. Last night, one of my co workers came in with these leggings that were like a Tribal Print in white and black.
The next day I literally went to the store and bought something that ended up not fitting me. By that time it was already my shift so I went to the bathroom, called Forever 21 and had them put the leggings on hold. There was a Tribal white and black legging and tan and black leggings $7.80 each.
I cannot wait to wear them and post a picture of it soon!! But here is the picture from the website....cute right?! :)

Anyways have a lovely night and hope you all have a great start to your week!

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