Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good News :)

So I didn't mention this on my last post but I have decided to change my life up a little. 
About 4 weeks ago I stepped on a scale for the first time since the summer and after all the eating I've done and how crappy I have been feeling I looked down to see 250 lbs staring back at me. At first I was in shock and had to re-weight myself to make sure I wasn't seeing things and sure enough I wasn't. After looking back at how much I was eating and actually what I was eating (fast food, snacks, going out) was not the best choices for my body. Now I've tried diet's and fads to losing weight and either I quit before it made a difference or caved in and ate that one piece of pizza and it all went downhill. So I sat down and got to researching and after a couple hours I realize that I don't want to just lose weight I want to eat healthier for the rest of my life. So I have made a few changes:

- No fast food
- No Diet Coke (which is my horrible addiction) 
- I can eat the foods that I normally do such as when I eat out, but cautious about what is in it and how much I eat (Proportions!) 
-Work out is a Must!
-Drink only water
-Calorie count (although sometimes its hard with time, but in fact helps a lot) 
- Eat 6 small meals a day to get my metabolism going

So far I have been doing all the above and I'm happy to say I am now 4 lbs down and I have so much energy than I did before :) 

I'm ready to change my life forever and I'm bringing you guys on my journey! 

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