Friday, May 4, 2012

Update #2 & Sinful Colors Haul

Hello Gorgeous
So it has been a long time since I last updated so here's what has been going on:
1) I had my interview at my job (which wasn't a real interview I guess) and actually a complete waste of my time. It was good thing though because now I'm seeking a new opportunities at other places. Oh well it's just retail right?
2) I finished my last semester as a Junior in my undergrad, finishing with all B+'s which is fine by me but it kind of stinks when I was only a few points away from As... 
3) I got a new job (or second job)  :) 
4) I start my summer classes next week
oh and 5) I guess the whole catty girls and drama didn't end in high school and a lot of people I was friends with from work ended up starting situations with me. It's sad to know that no matter what age we are girls are still trying to be rude and talk behind peoples backs. But of course it was a lesson learned and I still have the girls who stick with me through thick and thin! 
Besides all of that my life is definitely going the way I want it too. I'm actually starting to live and eat healthier. I actually joined a gym and started with a personal trainer for a few days to see certain things I can do and I'm planning on going to the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I'm even more excited to start making delicious healthy meals that will leave me happy and energized rather than fat and bloated. I might keep track of my progress on here or post some new recipes I discover...but we will see :) 
So enough about my life, 
My best friend called me a couple weeks ago and told me that Sinful Colors at Walgreen's were all of a sudden on sale for 99 cents. Although they are normally $1.99 which is still a good price I couldn't pass up this deal. I went 2 different times and picked up 5 nail polishes for $5.25 both times. Total it cost me $10.50 for 10 bottles. Unfortunately, I picked up a color I already had so I hope they will let me exchange it! I think this deal is over but I'm pretty sure they will do it again soon, at least I hope. 

Colors (From left to Right) Back: Why Not, Let's Talk, Nirvana, All About You, Secret Admirer
Front: Nail Junkie, Kissy, Mint Apple, Island Coral, PINK


  1. I love Nirvana, Mint Apple, and PINK! Such a great nail polish haul!!

  2. Nice nailpolish.. I got a few sinful colors and they are super cute.. :D