Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Mannequins!

So growing up I have always wanted a mannequin. I can remember when I would get PB Teen magazines I would circle all the things I wanted and they were at least $199. Well this isn't new, I've actually had them since February but I had to figure out where and how I would actually use them before I could post about them. 
For those who don't know I work at V. Secret and we are doing some MAJOR remodeling to the point where we will be double the size and comparable to the two story store they have in Chicago. I helped out with the entire move and as one of the few associates that got to see the old store for the last time we also were able to run around and pick out mannequins for us to take home. I couldn't believe my luck and I wish I would have grabbed a few more for friends but here are my new babies :) 
Excuse the mess, I'm currently trying to get my room in order.
I've been using the one with polka dots for my purses and the other for my scarves :) 
Also my birthday past last week and I'm trying to prepare a Haul/Birthday Video to post on here. Not sure when but I will try too soon! 

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