Monday, October 8, 2012

Long time, I'm back!

Hello lovelies :) 

IT'S BEEN A WHILE! I had so many plans and ideas for posts but unfortunately those were pushed to the back burner while I tried to get my life all scheduled out. So update on the life: 
1) I started my internship at the district court in the city I live in (Absolutely love!) and I have a possible future working there.
2) I'm currently taking 3 classes at the University and 1 class at the community college. 
3) Working at my new job (Have I mentioned this before? I quit V.S around July and got another job at a International Supermarket as a cashier. Not the best job but I love it and they already have me training people and the only other girls who train have been there for 5 years *pats myself on the back* )
So I'm pretty much doing all the above Monday through Sunday. It's been a little hectic but I have myself in a little routine so now I'm able to breathe once in a while! 

Now enough about me, more about the blog. I will be posting more, which I will be posting my favorites of the week or month, nail of the weeks (because I change them a lot) and actually some neat recipes and holiday fun!

 If you have any ideas also, comment below and let me know what you want to see!

 Hopefully I can get more followers soon too! I'm so happy to be back on here and I hope you are too! 

xoxo Danielle

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