Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Preview

So today has been a great day.... woke up and my mom took me to breakfast to tell me she will get me and ipad as long as I pay half. So now the question is: black or white? Whats your favorite color? 

Also, I worked yesterday  and today for a total of 17 hours getting prepared for the awesome Black Friday at V.Secret. Now if you don't know the deals here it is for all stores across the U.S:
1) Spend $65 and get a free tote with beauty goodies inside
2) Buy one bra get the next one 1/2 off (for PINK and Intimates) 
3) (PINK) $25 yoga pants and $25 crew necks
 and also some extra promotions possible. 

I'm working the wonderful 5am shift at the registers hopefully not getting trampled over!
Also want to see the free tote? 

The picture doesn't give the size of the bag justice. Its a nice size and it opens wide enough to fit my laptop and school books in! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and stay safe and spend lots on black friday!

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  1. Love the VS bag.
    Love your blog I will be visiting more often.
    If you have time I hope you can visit my new blog.