Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Naked.....Again ♡

Finals are coming up in about 2 weeks and luckily all my exams fall into the week of Dec 12-16. It will feel so good to have all the classes done but right now is crunch time and I'm hoping I never missed anything. This past week I have been preparing a 10 page paper for my Judicial Process class which had me go to the circuit court in Downtown Detroit and watch a trial.  I went down to Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and got to watch a homicide trial: a drive by that resulted in 3 people being shot and 1 who was also pregnant dead. I know it sounds harsh but this is what I love, not what happened, but watching the whole process to finding out what happened, why, and sending the defendants to jail. My mom joked I looked so passionate when I talked about it, but I really noticed it yesterday when I got to talk to the judge and the other attorneys.
:) I can't wait to start my life in law!

Right now though, I am so stressed and completely tired so this is not only a short blog but the last blog for a while.
Anyone else have finals coming up? Hope you all ace them!

Aside from all of that the Naked 2 palette is now Available! After UD teased everyone on facebook with pictures of the wonderful palette, I finally received the email that it was now officially out!

Now I just recently got the first naked palette so I'm not sure how bad I really want the Naked 2 but I might just get it. I also noticed that some colors are the same as the first palette.
Top is the Naked 2 and Bottom is the Naked Original. 

 Naked 2 is now only on for $50! Better get yours before someone else does.

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