Monday, August 1, 2011

Over too soon

So I have 3 more days until I'm on the plane back home. It makes me so sad to know this experience is over. We've done so many amazing things that I actually decided to make a blog for the trip. I'm also making this as part of my directed study (required to receive 1 credit) once I have it done and ready I will post the link that has details of almost everyday here :)
We got to go to Pompei and Napoli, Rome and this past weekend we went to Florence. I got my hair done and shopped until I couldn't shop anymore. The one part that makes me happy (because that's what this blog is for) I found the most amazing quality of makeup here in Italy.
I guess you could say I had a little mini shopping spree there :)
I'll have a post up of all swatches when I get home because these next few days will be hectic.
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer......Can you believe it's almost over :x Sorry I won't say that again!